What services do Serviced Apartments offer

Hotels are falling away from being a mainstream travel accommodation. Serviced apartments, fully loaded and furnished apartments available for rent during short and long-term stays, provide a cost-effective, logical approach to living plans when travelling. Whether you are not entirely sold on the idea of serviced apartments or need more information for your search in finding one, our list below has amenities that serviced apartments tend to include.

1.    Serviced apartments have housekeeping services

Choosing to rent out a serviced apartment comes with the prime advantage of regular housekeeping services, which management provides. Regardless of the length of your stay, not having to worry about washing dishes and wiping the stove once done cooking breakfast before your business meeting or outing will save you time and energy. Serviced apartments have either on-site or in-unit washer and dryers for your laundry and for the housekeepers to wash sheets and towels if you need clean ones pronto.

2.    Round the clock concierge

Almost all service apartments have 24-hour concierge services, which assists guests with arrangements, including social and travel ones. These concierge act like live Siri’s, equipped with up to date knowledge on the local area. You will not have to worry about wasting precious time googling transport links, movies, restaurants, and popular local attractions.

3.    Courtesy welcome packs

Serviced apartments are seen as your temporary home; hence, they are often stocked with welcome packs to get you started. These welcome packs have everything from teas, coffee, and basic toiletries. This also ties into why service apartments are so cost effective. Management at serviced apartments toot the idea of comfort that their services advertise to guests.

4.    A kitchen

When staying in a place you aren’t familiar with you will get tired of going out for food. Having the option of being able to stay home for an early morning breakfast or brunch before an outing can save you time and money. Having an apartment sized kitchen that is fully equipped will be a godsent luxury, you will be thankful for every day during your stay. Even if you do not feel like cooking, yet desire to stay in and dine, you could call the concierge to hire a private chef to cook for your stomach’s satisfaction.

5.    Privacy, freedom and security

After booking your first serviced apartment, the freedom in your choice will not be known until it is felt by you during your stay. If you are travelling for business and need to arrange meetings with clients or colleagues, you can easily hold meetings in the living room or dining room. Unlike shared spaces, like bed and breakfast options, you do not have to worry about disturbing others when entertaining your own visitors.