Travelling is always an exciting time. Whether travelling for business or leisure, it gives you a sense of adventure and anticipation that brings a thrill into your life. The downside to travelling is everything that comes after the trip. Planning accommodations can be stressful and worrisome, especially if you are travelling to an unfamiliar place. Choosing where you want to stay can run away your money and peace of mind. The type of living accommodation you choose depends on your length of stay, and if you plan on staying at your destination for nearly a month or longer, we suggest service apartments. A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment that allows you to live comfortably for short or long-term trips. Now you are right, this sounds like a fancy way of saying hotel. However, serviced apartments and hotels differ a lot. Our list below will show you these differences, to help you see if a serviced apartment is what you need for your next trip.

1.    Serviced Apartments are bigger

Serviced apartments are actual real apartments that are fully furnished, including all the accessories a normal home would. You can find studio sized service apartments or ones that have 2 bedrooms or more. In comparing hotels to serviced apartments, hotels do not typically have fully loaded kitchens. If the hotel you booked does come with a kitchen, it is fairly small and lacks the equipment to cook and store your meals and groceries. Serviced apartments have kitchens equipped with tools and accessories like blenders, pots, can openers, pans and more. This, in turn, will help you save money on food.

2.    Location and services provided

Serviced apartments are located in residential areas, while hotels are located in the heart or busy sectors of cities. Getting around may seem like a challenge when choosing a serviced apartment, yet you will be receiving a productive trade-off. You would be giving up your hotel tourist experience for an authentic residential living space that is comfortable and provides everything you would use at your home. Another thing to consider is that hotels typically come packed with built-in spas, restaurants, and food room services. In turn, you would have to spend the time finding these places on your own if you choose to stay in a serviced apartment.

3.    Hotels are expensive, serviced apartment save the bill

Hotels are great for shorter stays. If you planned on staying at a hotel for nearly a month, your bill could be high. Serviced apartments are ideal for more extended stays because accommodations reach the extent of what the guests needs. Also, WIFI is often included in the booking fee for serviced apartments; hotels usually treat WIFI as an add-on with an additional price.