The Service Apartment

A person who is travelling alone on a special assignment or a family that needs to take a break after a long vacation, probably would need a place to rest their tired and weary muscles. Though the amenities or facilities of a serviced apartment may sound local or ordinary, it helps a lot in catering to the basic needs of transient visitors and guests. Depending on the duration of the stay, business is open for almost anyone on a tight budget.

Serviced apartments earn a profit on a daily basis, and it’s usually lucrative on a seasonal basis just like when there are special gatherings or occasions held in the place where the business is situated. More often, regular visits or stay by returning tenants depend on the quality of its facilities and the reliability of its staff services. Here, we enumerate some of the things that customers look for in a serviced apartment:

Affordable room service

Almost everyone needs a good night’s rest and a safe place to stay when travelling alone or with other companions. Even if the stay is considered temporary, it gives the feeling of being at home with a soft bed with considerably clean sheets, a well-lighted and ventilated area to relax, pieces of smaller types of furniture like a desk and a table and a bathroom with lavatory for hygienic purposes.

Housekeeping services

From time to time during your stay, the staff of a serviced apartment usually attend to your simple request of looking after your belongings especially during a quick trip to an adjacent convenience store or rather, changing the light bulbs of the restroom or the very room where you are staying. Room boys or service attendants usually do cleaning upon your request, and this includes replacing bed sheets and other linens you are using like towels and blankets.

Laundry services

As much as possible, serviced apartments do not only wash bed sheets, blankets and towels used by every room occupant. Since customers would want to make the most of their stay in the place where they’re at, laundry could be taken care of by staff — of course, an additional fee or payment has to be made prior to or after the said request has been made. Every transient should understand that the first or any succeeding payments made is exclusively for the use of the room and other facilities only. Therefore, the washing of clothes and other personal items are excluded. Meaning, the service can only be enjoyed or availed upon request.

A mini-gym and a recreational area

Being alone during a stay or a long journey could be boring to someone used to chat or play with friends in their usual life. This is why some, if not, most serviced apartments have outdoor facilities like a basketball court or any other related areas for recreation of customers during their stay. Apart from that, most serviced apartment owners understand the need to exercise or workout to relieve stress; thus, providing an area for such a very healthy hobby.