Is a serviced apartment cost-effective for a short-term stay?

Brief business ventures and overseas tours mean you must have a comfortable residence in the country or city you’re heading to. Hotels used to be very posh and preferred by travelers back in the day, but not anymore. Now serviced apartments have the “it” factor all wanderers crave for.

Feeling at home when you are not at home, is the motive behind serviced apartments. People from all across the globe have started preferring these apartments over hotels and hostels. But, the question which arises before opting for a serviced apartment is “are they cost effective?”

The answer to this query is, serviced apartments are way more cost-effective than hotel rooms. Serviced apartments are on the bloom because no one likes to pay a fortune for a week’s stay.

Here are the factors which make serviced apartments cost effective for short term stays:

  • They can be shared

Imagine you are out on a trip with a group of buddies. In traditional hotel stays, you would have to book many rooms depending upon the number of pals. But in a serviced apartment, the cost decreases abruptly after the bill is divided amongst the fellows.

Moreover, in a shared space, you can make yourself more comfortable and relaxed.

  • You can shape the budget

In these apartments, you can cut the budget down and save a few more bucks. For example, if you want to save money from your food budget, you can buy ingredients and cook in your apartment. No more burden of giving a tip to the room-service guy, and no more wastage of food you paid for.

You can do the regular chores, i.e., cleaning, laundry, and cooking as per your budget, and of course, convenience.

  • Save from fuel budget

Serviced apartments are mostly located in the centre of cities or in popular tourist destinations, unlike the hotels. So that you can save your fuel money, and can travel to your investors’ office or tourist spot without spending a lot.

  • No additional expenses

Many hotels offer a swimming pool, spa, restaurant, and other such amenities. That may sound appealing, but they are not cost-effective. In a private serviced apartment, you can pick a service you need and select a package which suits your budget.

Most apartment complexes have restaurants and pools in them so that you can spend a relaxed time after work. In case your stay in a city has extended unexpectedly, there is no need to panic. Unlike the traditional tourist residencies, you can revamp your contract with the owner and stay there without any hassle of shifting rooms/hotels.

A draining day at work can only be compensated with the feeling of a cozy home, and the service apartments are made just to give you that homely sense.