When traveling abroad, accommodation cost is the biggest fixed cost that everyone has to incur. Since, you have to sleep there every night it’s a cost you can’t ignore. But, through wise trip plan and clever hacks, a cheap accommodation in Orange NSW can save you a lot of bucks and these saved bucks can be utilized in other activities or can simply go in your pocket. Here are a few hacks for you to start your planning from.

Stay in hospitality exchanges

This is one of the best ways to find free accommodations. You can find a place to rest with a relative, friend or any local offering a place to sleep in exchange for a favor. In many countries now people are often looking for someone to stay at their place while they are away and keep an eye on the house or may be a pet. There are many listed websites that help you find such locals. Now this has many plus points: you get to interact with a local and get a closer look at the culture and lifestyle of that place, you might find a companion, the people living there can give you a better insight of the area and a bonus point if you are an animal lover because you get free cuddles with a free accommodation!


Staying at a hostel can be extremely low cost; you can even find a bed under $20 a night while a hotel may cost a minimum of $100 a night. This idea is very popular among students and young people. If traveling alone, you might even find a travel buddy who is your age, shares the same interests and even has the same travel routes as you.

Stay at a monastery

This option might not be available in a lot of countries, but if you are traveling to a largely Catholic country you might want to head to a monastery to find a room in under $50 a night.

Rent a condo or a house

This is the most suitable option if traveling in groups. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, renting a house may cost you around $350 per night, but if you split this cost into 10 people it becomes a lot more economical. If you try to stay at a hotel instead, you would need 4-5 rooms and they would cost you at least $400-500.

Rent a room in someone’s house

Rather than renting a room in a hotel, try finding a room to rent at someone else’s house. In the majority of places, people are usually looking for someone to rent out a room or even the whole apartment or house. There are multiple websites that link you to these locals.


This is by far the cheapest option available. If you are in the mood for a trip to get away from the hassles of the busy cities to get closer to nature, just pack a tent and a sleeping bag and camp on the most beautiful and safe site you can find online or by asking locals. You can also hit the road by renting a caravan or even surf the waters by renting a cruise ship.