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Feeling at home when you are not at home, is the motive behind serviced apartments. People from all across the globe have started preferring these apartments over hotels and hostels.

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Serviced apartments earn a profit on a daily basis, and it’s usually lucrative on a seasonal basis just like when there are special gatherings or occasions held in the place where the business is situated.

24/7 Facility

If you decide to stay in a serviced apartment, it will feel just like your own home. A serviced apartment is much bigger than the average hotel rooms and has a laundry room, living room, separate bedrooms, TVs, movies, and free WiFi.

Long Term Stay

Hotels are falling away from being a mainstream travel accommodation. Serviced apartments, fully loaded and furnished apartments available for rent during short and long-term stays

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Serviced apartments are seen as your temporary home

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Starting $100/Monthly

Almost all service apartments have 24-hour concierge services


Starting $44/day

At a hotel, you usually get charged depending on how many people will be in the hotel room.

Affordable room service

Almost everyone needs a good night’s rest and a safe place to stay when travelling alone or with other companions.

it gives the feeling of being at home with a soft bed with considerably clean sheets

pieces of smaller types of furniture like a desk and a table and a bathroom with lavatory for hygienic purposes.

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If you decide to stay in a serviced apartment, it will feel just like your own home. A serviced apartment is much bigger than the average hotel rooms and has a laundry room, living room, separate bedrooms, TVs, movies, and free WiFi. In the kitchen area, there is tea, coffee, coffee pots, stove, dishwasher, microwave, cups, pots, pans, plates, forks, spoons, and knives. And in the bathroom,

Serviced apartment to make you feel completely comfortable.

you can find toilet paper, towels, and washcloths. You will have everything you need in your serviced apartment to make you feel completely comfortable.

you usually have a couple of different facilities to use like a gym, dining rooms (meeting, or conferences),

Jone Doe

This also ties into why service apartments are so cost effective.

David Smith

we enumerate some of the things that customers look for in a serviced apartment

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They can be shared

Traditional hotel stays

Imagine you are out on a trip with a group of buddies. In traditional hotel stays, you would have to book many rooms depending upon the number of pals.

You can shape the budget

In these apartments, you can cut the budget down and save a few more bucks. For example, if you want to save money from your food budget

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Hacks To Find The Cheapest Accommodation When Travelling Abroad

When traveling abroad, accommodation cost is the biggest fixed cost that everyone has to incur. Since, you have to sleep there every night it’s a cost you can’t ignore. But, through wise trip plan and clever hacks, a cheap accommodation in Orange NSW can save you a lot of bucks and these saved bucks can be utilized in other activities or can simply go in your pocket. Here are a few hacks for you to start your planning from.

Stay in hospitality exchanges

This is one of the best ways to find free accommodations. You can find a place to rest with a relative, friend or any local offering a place to sleep in exchange for a favor. In many countries now people are often looking for someone to stay at their place while they are away and keep an eye on the house or may be a pet. There are many listed websites that help you find such locals. Now this has many plus points: you get to interact with a local and get a closer look at the culture and lifestyle of that place, you might find a companion, the people living there can give you a better insight of the area and a bonus point if you are an animal lover because you get free cuddles with a free accommodation!


Staying at a hostel can be extremely low cost; you can even find a bed under $20 a night while a hotel may cost a minimum of $100 a night. This idea is very popular among students and young people. If traveling alone, you might even find a travel buddy who is your age, shares the same interests and even has the same travel routes as you.

Stay at a monastery

This option might not be available in a lot of countries, but if you are traveling to a largely Catholic country you might want to head to a monastery to find a room in under $50 a night.

Rent a condo or a house

This is the most suitable option if traveling in groups. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, renting a house may cost you around $350 per night, but if you split this cost into 10 people it becomes a lot more economical. If you try to stay at a hotel instead, you would need 4-5 rooms and they would cost you at least $400-500.

Rent a room in someone’s house

Rather than renting a room in a hotel, try finding a room to rent at someone else’s house. In the majority of places, people are usually looking for someone to rent out a room or even the whole apartment or house. There are multiple websites that link you to these locals.


This is by far the cheapest option available. If you are in the mood for a trip to get away from the hassles of the busy cities to get closer to nature, just pack a tent and a sleeping bag and camp on the most beautiful and safe site you can find online or by asking locals. You can also hit the road by renting a caravan or even surf the waters by renting a cruise ship.

What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel

Travelling is always an exciting time. Whether travelling for business or leisure, it gives you a sense of adventure and anticipation that brings a thrill into your life. The downside to travelling is everything that comes after the trip. Planning accommodations can be stressful and worrisome, especially if you are travelling to an unfamiliar place. Choosing where you want to stay can run away your money and peace of mind. The type of living accommodation you choose depends on your length of stay, and if you plan on staying at your destination for nearly a month or longer, we suggest service apartments. A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment that allows you to live comfortably for short or long-term trips. Now you are right, this sounds like a fancy way of saying hotel. However, serviced apartments and hotels differ a lot. Our list below will show you these differences, to help you see if a serviced apartment is what you need for your next trip.

1.    Serviced Apartments are bigger

Serviced apartments are actual real apartments that are fully furnished, including all the accessories a normal home would. You can find studio sized service apartments or ones that have 2 bedrooms or more. In comparing hotels to serviced apartments, hotels do not typically have fully loaded kitchens. If the hotel you booked does come with a kitchen, it is fairly small and lacks the equipment to cook and store your meals and groceries. Serviced apartments have kitchens equipped with tools and accessories like blenders, pots, can openers, pans and more. This, in turn, will help you save money on food.

2.    Location and services provided

Serviced apartments are located in residential areas, while hotels are located in the heart or busy sectors of cities. Getting around may seem like a challenge when choosing a serviced apartment, yet you will be receiving a productive trade-off. You would be giving up your hotel tourist experience for an authentic residential living space that is comfortable and provides everything you would use at your home. Another thing to consider is that hotels typically come packed with built-in spas, restaurants, and food room services. In turn, you would have to spend the time finding these places on your own if you choose to stay in a serviced apartment.

3.    Hotels are expensive, serviced apartment save the bill

Hotels are great for shorter stays. If you planned on staying at a hotel for nearly a month, your bill could be high. Serviced apartments are ideal for more extended stays because accommodations reach the extent of what the guests needs. Also, WIFI is often included in the booking fee for serviced apartments; hotels usually treat WIFI as an add-on with an additional price. 

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